John Perilloux
Forging a Knife Blade
Working at the anvil during Fire in the Swamp 2009
molten iron flowing from the cupola
Teaching of Blacksmithing by Chuck Averett
breaking of iron for the iron melt
The first iron pour from the new cupola
oxygen lance clears a blockage with John Periloux
Master Smith Chris Marks at Gas Forge
Bronze crucible being transferred to pouring shank
Kelly Landrum making Raku
Copper leaf making with Patrick Branan
John Perilloux feeds the cupola
Bronze pour
Pouring bronze into sand molds
Deborah Davis forging a hummingbird
hand made tool box and black smith tools given away 2011
Wood fire to pre-heat the cupola and light the coke
Deborah at the forge
Kelly Landrum preparing her kiln for Raku
Bad ass knife
Youngsmith Chucks son
Pouring an Iron Cross in a mold carved in the ground.
Hot cutting iron by Wayne Cash
Chuck and his son
Hand Forged Iron Work by Tom Walker
Iron starts to flow
Chris Marks forges a knife
Kelly and her class
At the Anvil, Fire in the Swamp 2009
Freshly cast bronze horse-head cane handle
Hand Forged knives by Edd Scafidel
Throwing pottery
Sue Lincoln making a pewter mold for casting
Iron flows freely from the cupola
Hunter Averett at the forge
Raku kiln and pottery being pre-heated
ladle for iron pour pre-heat
Raku pottery by Kelly Landrum
Fire in Swamp 2009 Gets Underway
Mykaela forging
scraping the doss off the bronze
John Perilloux charging the cupola